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Project summary

I was approached by James and his team after they’d put together some basic wireframes for a companion app that sits along side Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game.

The  Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game is an exciting table top game based in the world of The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™ but it lacked any digital footprint. Players would rely heavily on paper pads and other manual methods for tracking their multiple games over periods of time. 

Enter the MESBG app, it allows users to setup multiple games, heros and track their progress as they fight to control Middle-earth. Whilst The Lord of the Rings™ has a clearly defined brand and theme for V1 of the app we decided to go with an ethereal, almost elven theme as it covered all bases - with future versions of the app featuring optional darker grungy themes based on the game type you select.

It was great fun to work with James and his team on his project, I’m really looking forward to working on future versions of the app! 

Client feedback

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Connor on this. He knew exactly what we were after, communicated it back to us extremely clearly, and delivered samples/concepts quickly. He was open and honest in the discussions about design changes, advised on improvements to the UX (which we would never have thought of) and improved the app considerably.

I would not go to anyone else in the future for any app design work other than Connor. He is extremely talented and we genuinely look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Middle Earth Battle Strategy Game app in a users hand
Middle Earth Battle Strategy Game app in a phone mockup
Middle Earth Battle Strategy Game app in a phone mockup
Middle Earth Battle Strategy Game app in a phone mockup

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